Friday, August 20, 2010 is looking for alpha testers...

The web-function is the first tangible outcome of one of my (old) numerous "dreams", in this case, create my own EDIFACT parser (*) from scratch using XSLT.

(*) By EDIFACT parser, I mean a program/function that transforms my incoming EDIFACT into an (nice) XML representation, allowing the usage of XSLT as mapping/transformation technology.

Recently, I was able to spend some time on this work, and for the first time, I reach to finalise a working prototype ;-)

Despite the fact that I have created the parse-edifact project on Google Project Hosting since the Jan 26, 2009, I am still wondering if I will really open my source code. I am actually waiting for your feed-back... Is there any interest?

Anyway, for now, I am looking for alpha testers to test the on-line version available at This current version only works with a limited part of the ORDERS D.97A. I have indeed used the EDI specifications of the company Seagate - publicly available at - in order to start my development.

Let me know (1) if it works on your browser, (2) if you are interested in a free/open-source EDIFACT parser, (3) with which message you would like me to continue my development, etc.

Many thanks in advance for your help!