Monday, December 21, 2009

Babelabout, BabelAS2 and

Following some recent e-mails we have received on our mailbox, it seems that we need to clarify the relation between Babelabout, BabelAS2 and Here is the draft of the new "About Us" page:

Babelabout is not yet a company/business. For the moment, it is just a project, started by an experienced integration specialist, who wants to provide fair and affordable platforms/solutions upon which to make e-business possible - for any person, from any company, in any industry, of any size, any where in the world.

Babelabout is currently developping three different services:

  1. Babelabout (itself!) aims to be a complete on-line Integration Platform, delivering B2B integration, including "traditional" EDI. Even if it is still a project, we already have one happy customer/tester since April 2009; JAN LANGEDIJK Flower bulbs - - is creating EDI invoices for two big customers (retailers) with Babelabout.
  2. BabelAS2 is an open source VBScript implementation of the EDIINT AS2 (RFC 4130) standard transport protocol. The source code is currently hosted at Project Hosting on Google Code - please find more information at
  3. - - is our NO SOFTWARE solution to manage AS2 connections. You can manage your AS2 transfers from your standard Windows Explorer without installing any software!

You can get much more information about these three different initiatives on our Babelabout's Blog - - and, if you have any further questions/comments/remarks, do not hesitate to send us an e-mail at!


Michael said...

very interesting idea! I'm surprised you can handle as2 with vbscript! I will definitely be following your projects! I also can't believe the insane amount of money people charge for as2! Keep up the awesome work!

Babelabout said...

Many thanks for your comment!