Tuesday, November 24, 2009

AS2Box.net is looking for BETA testers...

I have been too optimistic, and now, I am depressed... Not a single hit on the sign up page :-/

The idea of AS2Box.net is to provide a WebDAV folder, simply accessible from the Windows Explorer, from which you can send and receive file with the AS2 transport protocol. You just need to:

  1. Sign up at AS2Box.net by providing: (*)
    1. Your AS2 identifier, which you can freely choose
    2. The URL of your partner
    3. The AS2 identifier of your partner
    4. The certificate of your partner, containing his public key
  2. (*) Before entering connection information form your trading partner, have a try with a test AS2 server, see http://www.as2box.net/help.html.

  3. Then, you will receive an e-mail, which you can directly forward to your partner, containing:
    1. Your AS2 identifier (the one you have chosen)
    2. Your URL
    3. Your certificate, containing your public key
  4. You will then be able to send files by simply copying them into the folder "http://as2box.net/<Your Account>/Outgoing", the file will be sent to your partner, renamed and moved to "http://as2box.net/<Your Account>/Outgoing/Archive", and the MDNs received will be there as well.
  5. You receive files from your trading partner directly into "http://as2box.net/<Your Account>/Incoming", and the MDNs sent will be there as well.

Sign up at http://www.as2box.net/.

Many thanks in advance for your help ;-)

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