Monday, November 9, 2009

BabelAS2 works with mendelson AS2 test server

Yes, I knew mendelson opensource AS2 software for quite some time, but I have only discovered their on-line mendelson AS2 test server last Friday. Finally, a way to "independently" test my code, and guess what, it works! - after the correction of one small bug (see line #35).

Go to to download the version 0.01 of BabelAS2, which is pre-configured to send messages to the mendelson AS2 test server.

To monitor the data entries on the mendelson AS2 test server, just point your browser to with user: guest and password: guest

Thanks to the mendelson team!


heller said...


nice script. Ive seen on the mendelson AS2 testserver that the communication worked but whenever I try to run the script an error occurs in line 135: "'Event.Util' could not be created."

Any idea?


Babelabout said...

First of all, MANY thanks for your feedback!

Yes, I know the problem, the component I am using to create a GUID, i.e. "Event.Util", is not installed by default with Windows XP (I guess it comes with IIS). I will update the script using the component "Scriptlet.TypeLib", which seems to be installed by default on Windows XP.

I will issue BabelAS2 version 0.02 shortly!

Babelabout said...

It's fixed! BabelAS2 version 0.02 is available for download at