Friday, November 5, 2010

Babelabout Demonstration #1 (Upcoming...)

I would like to start developing a series of live demonstrations based on different scenarios. My first scenario would a supplier who is required to send his invoices to a customer as EDIFACT messages with the AS2 transport protocol.

Demonstration #1: Send to your customer an EDIFACT INVOIC via AS2, by uploading to a CSV file with FTP.

New scenarios should then be added shortly including ORDERS and DESDAV, as well as other EDI flavors, any other suggestions are welcome ;-)


Fran├žois said...

Dear Patrice,
Are you talking about this Babelway demo?

Why don't you contact me so I understand why you are reproducing Babelway (including the name)
Francois, Babelway CEO.

Babelabout said...

Hello Fran├žois,

I am not talking about Babelway - Babelabout is an independant integration platform!

If you look at the 1st post of this blog, you would see that I have created this name, "Babelabout" in May 2008, which is - I think - before you start with "Babelway" ;-)

I do admit that the two names are quite close, but, on the other hand, it's not surprising that we both choose to start with "Babel" ;-)

Do not hesitate to contact me at if you would require more information.