Wednesday, November 24, 2010

My XML/EDIFACT Serializer written in XSLT is open!

The source XSLT code of my XML/EDIFACT Serializer is open at Google Code ;-)

If you want to have try, you can use the test XML/EDIFACT instance available here. It's the result of the parsing of the ORDERS D.97A sample instance from Seagate by

Then, you can process it with your favorite XSLT processor ;-)

By the way, what is your favorite XSLT processor?

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murray said...

Hi there, I am in Sydney Australia and I will need to take my web form data (from databases) and send this as Un Edifact to our Customs government department, and deal with edi messaging. I am seeking coders, and so far they are confused at the edi side. Is this something you'd be intrested in doing, or do you know someone that would help out with this project?
Thx Muz